Solar System Products and Benefits

Solar System Products

Roop Solar is a renowned solar system dealer in Ludhiana, Punjab. The experience of more than 10 years adds a lot to our expertise in this industry. We aim to provide a simple yet sustainable solar system in Ludhiana, Punjab. We serve the entire Northern India, and we plan to earn global recognition as the best solar system dealer. We have associated with brands that cater to certified solar products. At Roop Solar, our solutions offer end to end solar solutions. The solutions include solar street lights, mounting arrangements, batteries, panels, and inverters. Below we brief our products and services. Please continue to read:

Net Metering(Solar Panel Dealer)

Net Metering is a billing mechanism to measure excessive solar power production. The purpose of this mechanism is to save you from electricity costs. The excessive power produced goes to the main grid. In return, you get the same amount of electricity as credit. The credit gets used at night and days when the weather is not able to produce enough electricity.

BI-Directional Meter

IEC certified modules from the best brands in India. Roop Solar is the best seller of solar panels in Ludhiana, Punjab. We have a range of high performing and low maintenance solar panels in Ludhiana and across other cities in Punjab. These solar panels offer the highest light absorbency and add savings to your pocket.

Net Metering

A billing mechanism that allows solar plant owners to sell the excess electricity generated by their plant. If you have a power plant that generates electricity more than you need, then you can use this mechanism to send excess electricity to the primary grid and earn credits in return. Contact Roop Solar System Dealer in Ludhiana, Punjab, for more information on Net-Metering.

Solar String Meter

A solar string inverter is a trusted technology. This device converts DC energy produced by panels into usable AC energy. They are less expensive than systems with microinverters. The solar inverters are common in home and commercial solar power systems. The inverters work best where the roof does not shade at any point of the day. These are cost-effective inverters that offer high design flexibility.

To provide assured quality products we have associated with:


IEC Certified Solar Modules

We provide high-performance solar panels in Ludhiana and all over northern India. These are IEC certified panels to bring you better returns. These modules offer high efficiency, and they are highly reliable.

The IEC certified solar panels come from our associated brand partners: VIKRAM SOLAR, JAKSON, CANADIAN SOLAR, ADANI, WAAREE, ANCHOR, LONGI, TRINA, APS, LUMINOUS, RENEWSYS & HAVELLS

Descaling of Water Heaters

The demand for solar power systems is increasing day by day. People generally ignore to maintain the systems. Non-maintenance leads to ill performance and reduced results. The hardness of the water creates scales inside the solar heater, just like the electronic ones. This scale build-up minimizes the output. It would be best if you descale your solar heater every 2-3 years. This process is essential to achieve high efficiency and reduced water heating time.

Module Cleaning

Quality solar modules may not need much care. But, there is a definite chance of dirt accumulation on the solar panels. The solar plants in areas with light soiling may have a little dirt. In such cases, rainfall would be enough to clean it. But, solar plants in areas with heavy soiling need regular cleaning. The dirt collected on the solar panels reduce the light absorption, and so, the performance degrades. Module cleaning may seem simple, but you may get a shock or damage the panels. It is best to call for maintenance service so that the power plant performs with high efficiency. With regular maintenance, the solar plants run smoothly for straight 20-25 years. Now that you went through our service elements. You must have known how we are leading suppliers of the solar systems in Ludhiana, Punjab. If you wish to acquire our services or wish to know more about our products, contact us at the given details.

Reduce Global Warming

Using Solar energy, the society can be saved from the threatening effects of Global Warming which threatens the survival of human society as well as survival of countless species. Researchers have claimed that efficient solar panel systems that create electricity without producing global warming, is now one of the most important solutions to the global warming crisis.


The fuels that we use to generate electricity might reduce and finish one day, ultimately. On the other hand, Solar Energy cannot be finished unless the sun is finished. It does not matter how much and how regularly we use it. Thus, Solar energy is a renewable source of energy and we must adopt it.


It is beyond the imagination of an individual. If going with what scientists have to say, the sun every hour produces enough energy to meet the energy need of the planet for almost a year, is really fantastic and solar energy use must be encouraged.


When it is abundant and renewable, it is sustainable too. Using solar energy, we are not only doing good to ourselves but to the future generations too by not finishing the fuels and also by saving up the electricity.

Reduce Bills

Solar energy reduces the amount of bill per month as mostly the energy is created by the solar equipments using solar energy. The solar equipments require only one time installation payment and the maintenance required is very less. Also, the solar equipments perform up to 25 years, thus human can rely on it.

Reduce Pollution

The use of solar equipments reduces the amount of air, noise, etc pollution which is created by consumption of the non renewable sources of energy. Thus, it is Eco-friendly and contributing towards nature.