Havells 3kW solar On-Grid Package can save upto 3500+ Rs per month

Model Full Name : Solar Panels – 3 kWp (325 watt * 10 nos.).

 Round Price : 2,10,000

We Presents Havells on-gird solar inverter to save electricity bills. It is a recommended solution for homes and offices where there is negligible power cut and electricity tariff is very high. 3 kw solar system generates 12 units electricity per day and saves 4,000 electricity bills in a month. It occupies 280 square feet rooftop space in installation.
• 12 units generation per day (Average)
• money back in 4.5 years with 4,000 electricity bill saving per month
• price inclusive of government approvals, Installation. #Roop solar


Subsidy : Subsidy as per MNRE (GOI) policy.


Our Price includes the cost of installation. The following components are mandatory component as part of installation. a. Mounting structures b. Bidirectional energy meter c. Connecting cables and Accessories.