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Roop Solar is a market leader in solar panel installation and the sale of top-quality solar products. We serve customers across UAE and India.Looking for the best solar panel company in India?  We provide top-notch solar panel installation services with a focus on quality, efficiency, and reliability. 

Looking to get in touch with RoopSolar, the leading solar panel manufacturer? Contact us today for high-quality solar panels and sustainable energy solutions. Our team is ready to assist you with all your solar needs.

  • Engineering

    Our engineers have the knowledge to understand the particularities of your photovoltaic installation, which will allow you to know the exact cost of it, as well as the return on your investment.

  • Installation

    We have highly qualified technicians, they will be in charge of making a quality installation, which generates the greatest amount of watts, for many years.

  • Maintenance

    To ensure the maximum performance of your Ecocentro Photovoltaic Investment, we have a maintenance team that will review the proper functioning of your panels, in addition to carrying out scheduled cleanings.

  • Storage

    Support your energy against blackouts by installing an energy storage battery system with the most experienced ally in storage systems



Our mission is to combat the effects of climate change and preserve the environment through solar energy in order to reinvent the future of our planet and its inhabitants.


Consolidate ourselves in the market, to bring more people closer to the use of Renewable energies, generating a considerable impact in improving the environment and the economy of society.


We are committed to combating the effects of climate change through solar energy in order to reinvent the future of our planet and its inhabitants.

Our team is made up of young innovators and experts who work for a single mission: Reinvent the Future through renewable energies, making Solar Energy efficient, accessible and of high quality for all.

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Chehanpreet Singh

Very Caring Team.I Bought Hybrid Solar System in 2020 and still now 2022 they providing me great service when i need.So go for Solar System with ROOP SOLAR without any doubt and hesitation.

Dharm Khowal

Very Good work done by roop solar ,, problems of electricity dependency has been sorted out...Gud performane.great job.reduce electricity bills.

Aditya Vikram Gupta

One of the best solar system company in Punjab. They were very informative and guided us very well before making the final decision.

Ravinder singh

it is very helpful to my house.i am fully satisfied with this project. my house electricity bill is become zerrooooo. it is very beneficial to us . roop solar is the best and very fast service. thank you roop solar to reduced my electricity bill.

Sukhdeep Singh

Greetings to all of your Management staff. I am here on your page to let your good company to know that we are very happy from Your services. Thanks to all

Jaswant Singh

Love their wonderful concepts and smart ways of using solar energy and saving the other resources of Earth from getting deployed.kudos to the whole team.

Guru Kirpa

One stop shop for the solar needs ... both systems and solar water heaters... deals in Havells brand... very organised set up.. having own team for installation and commissioning

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