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Roop Solar is the leading best solar panel and solar system dealer in India. We also deal in best solar water heater in India.

We have over ten years of experience in this industry and are dedicated to providing high-quality solar products. We therefore have team of highly competent, skilled, and accomplished professionals who understand solar panels and which one is best suited for you. To meet the specific needs of our customers, we offer a diverse range of solar panels, solar wires, and solar systems. We keep an eye on current technologies and adapt to new changes in order to provide you with cutting-edge products. We strive to provide maximum customer satisfaction while also offering cost-effective services that everyone can afford. Our clientele has reached 700+ and delivered over 10,000 KW of solar projects to date.We are leader in solar panel solutions to our clients.

  • One Stop Solution

    One Stop Solution

    Your worries end here! Roop Solar shall take on end-to-end responsibility. The right design, designed right!

  • Easy Buying

    Easy Buying

    You can buy easily. Make your investment process simple & secure. Choose from multiple financing options!

  • Best Quality

    Best Quality

    Our robust processes and systems ensure that your Solar Rooftop Solution is of top-notch quality!

  • Best Support System

    Best Support System

    From Site Surveys & Project Management to Post Installation requirements. We are always there!

Complete Assurance of Solar System Solutions

Roop Solar is a one-stop destination for solar system solutions. As a leading power solutions specialist, we have over ten years of experience. Our knowledge includes critical components of a Solar Power System. We offer a diverse range of solar systems with various features for residential, industrial, and commercial applications. Our high-performance solar products are outfitted with cutting-edge technology and require minimal maintenance.

Our cutting-edge solar system solutions are highly durable and long-lasting. Furthermore, we regularly upgrade our services to keep up with the latest technologies and to meet the needs of all of our customers. Because we believe in providing superior quality services at reasonable prices, we offer cutting-edge solar panels that can effortlessly produce electricity regardless of the season. We offer maintenance services to ensure that solar panels can be used indefinitely. We also have reasonably priced Solar DC Wire, Batteries, On-Grid Solar Package, and Solar Inverter. We provide an optimal solution to save your electricity costs while also providing a convenient, hassle-free solar experience with our feasible solutions.


Best in class Solar Photovoltaic Panels with optimum efficiencies.


Robust, reliable and efficient inverters and power conditioning units.


India's most preferred batteries for power solutions involving back-up.

Benefits of Solar System

Reduce Global Warming

Using solar energy, society can be saved from the threatening effects of global warming, which threatens human survival as well as the survival of countless species.

Reduce Bills

Solar energy reduces the amount of bill per month as mostly the energy is created by the solar equipments using solar energy.

Reduce Pollution

The use of solar equipment reduces the amount of air, noise, and other pollution caused by the use of nonrenewable energy sources.

Solar System Dealer

In Ludhiana, Punjab, Roop Solar is the leading solar system dealer. We’ve been in this business for over ten years. To date, our clientele has been involved in over 700 solar projects totaling more than 10,000 KW. Roop Solar is every customer’s first choice for solar systems because we provide environmentally friendly and cost-effective solutions.

We provide a diverse range of products under one roof, including portable solar panels, photovoltaic cells, and solar water heaters. Our company has steadily grown to become one of the most reputable solar system dealers in Ludhiana, Punjab. We guarantee the quality of our products and can always be counted on to provide affordable and valuable services. If you have any questions or require assistance, please contact us by email or by calling a toll-free number. We are honoured to serve you!

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