Waaree 445 Watt Mono PERC Solar Panel


Waaree  mono perc cells type panel.capacity – 445w, 24v, voltage: voltage at max power (vmax) – 41.61v, open circuit voltage (voc) – 49.84v, current: current at max power (imax) – 10.70, short circuit current (isc) – 10.12a.10 years performance warranty.bis certified as per is/iec standards which is mandatory for all solar panels.best in class conversion efficiency

Round price – 24.50 rs Per Watt

Brand Waaree
Solar Panel Type Mono PERC
Wattage (Wp) 445 Watt
Operating(Nominal) Voltage 24V
Number Of Cells 144 Cells
Performance Warranty 25 Years
Frame Material Aluminum
Encapsulate Yes
Country Of Origin Made In India

Application of this product:

    • Mono-perc solar panels are popular amidst solar rooftop systems.
    • Mono Panels are used for large-scale installations that could be industrial, commercial, or residential.
    • Depending on the size of the panels.
    • Can be utilized for small-scale (<25 w) applications such as charging electronics, batteries, cameras, etc.
    • Relatively larger solar panels (>40 w) can be used to power lights, microwaves, fridges, and in cases of being integrated into the solar panels.
    • Heavy wattage plant
    • Large solar frames.
    • Roof-mounted arrays.
    • Traffic-lights.
    • Houses.
    • Hotels.
    • Hospitals.


  • 144 mono-PERC/ Poly solar cells
  • Split junction boxes 2 part/2 bypass
  • Positive power tolerance
  • Module with multi busbars which means lower chances of cell cracks, better temperature coefficients & Lower operating temperatures means less power loss and further which means better performance in Indian conditions
  •  Half-cut module design with all the advantages which means the highest reliability guaranteed

Under the sun, our Half-Cut Cell Modules have a fresh layout with better performance. These BINARY series modules are made from half-cut cells to increase the efficiency of the modules by reducing resistance through the module, exposing more cell area to sunlight, and increasing the amount of light absorbed. The logical division of the module ensures better performance in conditions where shadows are unavoidable and provide better protection.

Why Roop Solar :

Roop Solar widened its boundaries & transformed itself from a normal e-commerce platform to a community and established itself in both Business-to-consumer(B2C) and Business-to-Business service(B2B) platforms. Roop Solar offers an exclusive range of branded Solar Smart Home System products at the best affordable price, delivered safely to your address. We provide a service period of one 1year from the date of installation and commissioning.



We are RoopSolar, a prominent solar panel dealership operating in India and UAE. We have established a strategic partnership with the esteemed brand Waree to collaborate on solar panel solutions.
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Waaree 445 wp solar panelWaaree 445 Watt Mono PERC Solar Panel
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