Calculate Solar Panel Battery and Inverter

How to Calculate Solar Panel Battery and Inverter?

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The solar calculation for home

  1. Inverter
  2. Battery
  3. Solar panels

Step 1:- Home electrical load calculation?

Step 2:- Inverter Selection?

Step 3:-Battery Selection?

Step 4:-Solar Panel Selection?

Step 1:- Home electrical load calculation?

4 Led Light    = 4×25 = 100W

2 fan              = 2×80 = 160W

1 Tube Light = 1×40 = 40W

1 Led TV        = 1×50 = 50W

Total Load = 350W

Step 2:- Inverter Battery

House Load: – 350W

Consider – 500W

However, the Recommendation is 800-1000W best

AC load =350w

Battery DC Volt = 12V

DC current required

P = V x I


350W AC Load …DC current required (I) =29.17=30A

Step 3:- Battery Size Selection in AH

Formula:-W x H/V

Where: – W= Total load (350w)

H= Backup time in hours (8)

V= Battery voltage (12v)


Battery Standard: – 250AH

Battery Select: – 250AH

Battery Charging Current

We will calculate the charging current for the 250AH battery. As we know the charging current should be 10% of the AH rating of the Battery.


Charging current for 250AH Battery

                       = 250X10%

                       = 25A

Step 4:-Solar Panel Selection?

Solar panel Current =Battery charging current + Home load current

                                   = 25+30

                                   = 55 A

Solar plate power

Formula = V X I

                = 12 X 55

                = 660W

  1. Of Solar panels

340W Home load (AC) = 660W Solar panel required DC

The 660w Solar panel below is available in the market.

  1. 125w
  2. 180w
  3. 375w
  4. 440w

No. of solar plates =Total solar plates watt/single panel watts


= 3.66 Approx. (4)

No. of solar plates:-4 panels (4x 180w)

350w home electrical load

Inverter: – 800-1000w

Battery: – 250Ah

Solar panels: – 4 X 180w

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